Resuming running blog

He everyone,

I picked up the April edition of Runner's World at the airport and it had a "101 Kicks in the Butt" section to inspire you to go out and run. I resumed my running in January after an other quite long injury and needed some inspiration. Well guess what number one kick was: Start a blog. And here it it is:

Today I ran at the lake Bodensee which is on the border of 3 central European countries: Austria, Switzerland and Germany. Due to the good weather lately the apple trees blossom immensely. As I don't know the area well I decided to just run and see where I end up. 15 minutes later I ended up at a dead end road in the middle of a farm and a big dog barking at me. Luckily someone came out of the house and rescued me.

Total Running time: 35' 23"

distance: no clue

Apple tree blossom at Lake Bodensee